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Los Angeles California Certified Court Reporters
Certified Court Reporters

Whether you need one of our certified court reporters in Simi Valley, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County, Ventura County or anyw...

Deposition Videographers
Deposition Videographers

For many years, Deposition Resource Center has provided Legal Video Services to the legal community. Our Deposition Videographers are sprea...

Spanish Certified Court Interpreters
Certified Interpreters

California & Federal Court Certified Interpreters & Translations Anywhere in California. We send local certified interpreters from your are...

Deposition Services Los Angeles
Certified Legal Transcriptions

Certified Legal Transcriptions by Certified Court Reporters. Our highly skilled certified court reporters have experience in certified legal transcriptions for court, legal, general business, medical, and any other proceeding as well as experience with a va...

Conference Rooms
Conference Rooms Video Conferencing Suites

Conference Rooms and Video Conferencing Suites Available. Conference Rooms and Video Conferencing Suites are not always available in your office so, contact us to reserve convenient and local conference rooms. If you are traveling to depose a witness awa...

California Deposition Court Reporters

California Deposition Court Reporting & Interpreting Service

We are a full service California Deposition Court Reporting & Interpreting Service providing certified professionals in all of California. Our California deposition court reporters, court certified interpreters and legal videographers understand that in every case there must be a precise record of the proceedings and that this requires their highly professional skills. Count on Deposition Resource Center to reserve these professionals and to make whatever planning you require. For many years we have provided the California legal and business community as well as individuals involved in litigation with the litigation support and professionals they need. We are available to assist you in proceedings such as depositions, conferences, hearings, arbitrations, trials and many others. Aside from providing you with court reporters, interpreters and videographers; Deposition Resource Center offers, certified legal transcriptions of your audio and video depositions, proffers, trials, meetings, arbitrations, D.M.V. hearings, police interviews, wire taps and other media. Additionally we offer audio, video and document certified translations, nationwide deposition coverage and national video conferencing suites.

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Deposition Resource Center also offers
  • 24-Hour Availability:
    At the Deposition Resource Center, we know that your cases don't rest in the evenings and on weekends and neither do we. We can accommodate last minute deposition settings and changes. We are always monitoring our telephones after hours and on weekends.
  • Nationwide Coverage:
    Call us to reserve a Certified Court Reporter, Videographer & Court Certified Interpreter in the State where your practice is located or the proceeding will take place.
  • Interactive Real-Time Live Note hookup & Live Note Streaming of Testimony and Video:
    Attorney hooks up to the Certified Court Reporter's computer and views the testimony during proceeding or any party privy to the matter connects from anywhere they have access to the internet with a username and password and view the testimony on their computer. Video streaming is also available. This is a great option for attorneys who want to cut down on travel expenses and save time.
  • Electronically Delivery of Transcript Bundles with Exhibits attached & CSR E-Signature:
    All transcripts and exhibits are archived in our office. No need to "track down" the Certified Court Reporter to replace lost transcripts or provide you with a certified copy. Just call, email or fax our office and we will be sure to get you the documents you need via email. If the files are too large; we'll upload them and immediately send you a link that will put you a click away from viewing your files.

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CLOSED 12.31.2015
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